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{{Cleanup}} can be used with the following two parameters:

  • reason: the reason for requesting cleanup. This is useful for editors in case the reason for requesting a cleanup is not immediately obvious. The first character of the reason (immediately after the equals sign) should be lowercase, in order to preserve the sentence flow when rendered.
  • date: the month and year (e.g. January 2022) when the template was added to the article; this helps to figure out how long an article has been tagged for cleanup.

The template should be placed at the top of the article requiring a cleanup. If practicable, please use a more specific cleanup template. Because {{Cleanup}} is vague, specific problems should be identified in the reason field; a more detailed explanation of what needs to be done can be provided on the article's talk page. An article's {{Cleanup}} template may be removed without the problem(s) being fixed if it is not possible to identify what needs to be cleaned-up.

Do not substitute this template.

When to use

This tag is intended to identify pages that need wikification or the correction of spelling, grammar, typographical errors, tone, and other similar, non-content-focused changes. Use this tag when the article needs improvement per Wikipedia:How to write Simple English pages.

Articles that violate policy need more direct action. Other templates, such as {{POV}}, are better suited to content disputes.


The template detects which namespace it is used in and changes accordingly:


This template puts articles in the category Category:All pages needing cleanup. Adding the |date= parameter, as in {{Cleanup|date=January 2022}} will additionally place the article in a monthly cleanup category (such as Category:Pages needing cleanup from January 2022). Leaving the date unspecified will add the article to the parent category Category:Pages needing cleanup.


The following templates redirect here:

Related templates

  • {{Cleanup-afd}} - For RfD discussions that closed as "keep", but require cleanup
  • {{Wikify}}