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Welcome to The HILLSIDE

The Health Infrastructure's Living Library for Sustainable Innovation, Design and Engineering [HILLSIDE]

The Hillside project is an interactive repository for developers, users and regulators to collaborate on the development of guidelines for contextually appropriate, innovative, resilient and sustainable healthcare infrastructure. The Hillside helps collect and organize contextual knowledge to make it available to people. The Hillside is free to view and use and contains no advertisements or endorsements. Articles in this repository range from technical guidance to case studies. Registration may be required to commit technical contributions although a peer-review process is an integral part of the contribution process. Contributions here are not protected by copyright and the contributor is required to ensure that any content presented is not subject to copyright elsewhere.

Content moderators currently include a team of subject matter experts from within the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (RSA).

COVID-19 Infrastructure Guidelines

COVID-19 specific infrastructure guidance be accessed through the link below

COVID-19 Q&A Reference desk:

Infrastructure Guidance for COVID-19

Alternative Care Sites

COVID-19 Infrastructure Q&A Infrastructure Guidance for COVID-19 Alternate Care Sites
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