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Hospital Bed Specifications Following National Treasury RT

Bed / Hospital / Two-section with Trendelenberg

Note: where the item offered differs from the specification, except for the items specified below, the supplier must indicate the deviation and supply relevant details

  1. Must comply with IEC 60601-2-52 (Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of medical beds) paragraphs: 201.1, 201.3, 201.7, 201.9, 201.13, 201.15, annex BB and annex CC
  2. Mild steel frame with epoxy/nylon powder-coated finish to comply with SANS 778 paragraph 5.2, proof of compliance must be submitted.
  3. Epoxy/nylon powder coating colours: white, cream or grey
  4. Bed must support a patient mass of 180 kg
  5. Adjustable backrest with gas spring assist, suitable for 100 kg patient
  6. To be fitted with castors, two swivel , two locking
  7. Castors must comply with the latest issue of SANS 621, proof of compliance must be submitted.
  8. Where castors are fitted into steel tubular legs, the tube shall be of wall thickness not less than 2,0mm and castors shall be fixed to the tube by one of the following methods:
    1. Solid plug (long) complying with SANS 621 subsection 3.5.6 or
    2. Screwed into 35mm long sleeves welded into the tubular members and locked in an acceptable manner
    3. Rubber or plastic expanding sleeves for fitting castors are not acceptable
    4. Removable head and foot ends (ABS material may be offered)
    5. With collapsible safety sides, to comply with IEC 60601-2-52
    6. Mattress support: mattress support other than weldmesh is required, provide details
  9. The following accessories must be accommodated to fit on the bed. The price for these accessories must not be included on this item bid price.
    1. Driprod
    2. Patient lifting pole with chain or strap and handle, must support a mass of 75 kg
    3. Traction pole with pulleys and weights
    4. Bedding support according to specification in Appendix A, subsection 3.14
  10. Item to be evaluated as series with item RT24-02-003,