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Equipment: Turn-around time must be taken into account. Dedicated handwash basins, shielded from work stations Wall-mounted alcohol-based handrub (ABHR) in all sections, at entrances and inside areas.

Determine barrier wrap and chemical indicator requirement Determine number of trolleys needed Determine chemicals needed – enzymatic detergent, rinse water (deionised or sterile or distilled water), cold sterilants Cleaning equipment: Cloths and brushes, linen and paper towels, soiled linen trolleys, healthcare risk waste (HCRW) bins, sharps bins

Automatic washer-disinfector Autoclave – depends on requirements for sterilization Housekeeping (cleaning) equipment dedicated to CSSD Instrument inspection magnifying light Heat sealer for pouches, if used Instrument trays, containers, bowls, instruments as required, including endoscopes

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Fluid-resistant gowns and overboots preferable If using linen gowns, use plastic apron over gown. Must be a long plastic apron, with sufficiently high neck area cover. Long cuff gauntlet gloves resistant to chemicals (nitrile, not latex). Disposable caps to completely cover hair Face shields – can be disposable or re-usable

Spill kit: