Infrastructure Guidance for COVID-19/Alternate Care Sites/Example Healthcare Technology

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Healthcare Technology Service Schedule

  • Bed (see appendix E) and pressure reducing mattress
  • Ventilator (with humidifier)
  • Multi-parameter Patient Monitor
  • Infusion Pump: The standard would be 4 Volumetric Pumps and 2 syringe drivers per bed but the exact requirement needs to be specified by the clinicians depending on their treatment protocol
  • Drip Stand
  • Wall suction unit
  • Stethoscope
  • Ambubag adult (Resuscitator)
  • O2 Flowmeters
  • Crash Cart

Approximately 20% of patients requiring mechanical ventilation for COVID-19 will require dialysis. It is assumed that these patients will be prioritised for conventional hospital facilities. However, guidance in this regard may change in response to need.

Crash Cart Service Schedule

  • Defibrillator
  • Mobile suction machine
  • ENT set
  • Laryngoscope with blades size 1,2,3,4 straight and curved
  • Ambubag adult
  • Ambubag pads
  • Ambubag neonatal
  • Oxygen gauge
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Plaster Scissors
  • Forceps, Artery, Straight, 20cm
  • Forceps, Magills, 20cm
  • Video Laryngoscope (Difficult intubation)
  • Detector, Oesophageal Intubation (difficult intubation)
  • Inflator, Tracheal Tube Cuff
  • Disposable, consumable and drugs need to be added.